A month ago i was astonished to be gifted a brand new Patagonia – Hooded Nano Puff  apparently for no reason other than i had been a good boss when this individual had previously worked for me at Whole Earth Provision Co. It would be a great gift by any standard, but was especially so because i had been drooling over this exact jacket and color for months!

After putting it through its paces during all of my fishing excursions since then, in this un-naturally cold and wet weather we’re having here in central Texas, i just wanted to give it a few shout outs for anyone in the market for a new jacket. As a note i’ve been in the outdoor retail industry for a couple of decades and have had experiences with a plethora of outerwear.

  • First, it’s Patagonia. Yes, it’s slightly more expensive than other similar brands, but it is going to last a whole lot longer than most other brands in this market. If it doesn’t (rare) they will bend over backwards to take care of you.
  • Like the environment? So do they, the interior and exterior shell is 100% recycled, and they give 5% of their profits to environmental causes, plus a whole lot of other good stuff for the environment that should make you feel good about supporting them with your dollars.
  • Second, the jacket is incredibly hydrophobic (meaning it doesn’t like water). In the above photo after it blew off a ledge i had left it on, it floated 30 yards down a set of rapids to the hole that i was fishing. I panicked, picked it up, shook it a couple of times, put it on, and was stunned to feel almost no moisture at all. Another day i got rained on for hours and eventually the jacket was mostly soaked, once the rain died off it took about 30 minutes (with no sun) to dry back out. Like i said, this jacket does not like water and goes to great lengths to distance itself from it.
  • It’s comfort range is ideal moderate winters. It’s good-by itself in anything from 30˚ to 60˚ and makes a great insulation piece that can stuff down into its own chest pocket and be about the size of a large size bag of beef jerky in your pack (though regrettably it’s not as tasty.)

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