A few months back i was at Sportsmans Finest looking to replace a five weight line i had that was many years past its prime, due to a wide collection of cracks that looked like it had spent to much time sunbathing on some distant, forgotten beach.  As a long time fan and user of the Rio Grand i was a little hesitant when Casey suggested re-lining my spool with the Short Bellied Taper line from Scientific Angler. As a creature of habit, i tend to find something i like and stick with it ad-nauseum, whether it be a fly line or an entree at a local restaurant. Like a true professional though he explained the differences, laid out the information and related his own experience with what he considered to be the best line for trout fishing on the Guadalupe River.


Over the course of a few weeks i tried out the 5WT line on my 10′ 3WT and found that much like Casey had said, it was the perfect line for nymphing in tight with a double fly rig and a strike indicator since the bulk of the line lies in the front 25′ of the tip making it easy to load a rod at very close quarters. Due to the extra mass i found this line excelled especially when “flipping” the rig back upstream after nymphing through a pocket.

With a camo tip to keep the curious fish at ease, as well as a strikingly orange belly to cue you in to where the bulk of your line is residing, this is a must have line for nymphing on any smaller waters such as our local Guadalupe River.

Available in 2-6 WT options, this is the line you need if your tossing heavy streamers or throwing heavily weighted rigs. The SBT lines are available locally at Sportsmans Finest and Gruene Outfitters.