The blank page sits there patiently, haunting you from the periphery of your vision and your thoughts. The white emptiness, lacking characters and verbage, fills your thoughts.  There is the constant nagging feeling that words must be stacked together cautiously and carefully, ready to foster the flames passion in the reader. But where would these words come from? For you alone know you have no experience to relate, or at least nothing out of the norm for any casual fly fisher that pursues beaten paths on similar soils to your own.

This thought, and the possible words surrounding them have been eating away at me for months.

In short, I’ve taken on a job that I am deeply passionate about, one that has consumed my time, skills, and thoughts to an almost feverish degree. It has brought me an immense amount of satisfaction and joy, but also has consumed so much of my creative energy that this blog has in turn suffered from the love, care, and attention that it had slowly become accustomed to over the years.

Doubtlessly this is also the reason my trout season here on the Guadalupe has suffered so. While my job at Gruene Outfitters is mere minutes from the stocked trout plantations, I’ve somehow only managed brief late evening outings punctuated by lacluster days off, which have been mostly fruitless and dis-heartening episodes hardly worth mentioning in conversation, much less writing about.

I sense it all on the verge of turning around though in 2018. I’ve more or less figured out the rhythm of my job, know the expectations I’m held to, and have FINALLY figured out how to leave my job at work and shift that attention to my family and personal effects such as this blog.

Stay tuned!