It’s very likely that this is the most versatile fly pattern out there. I’ve been tying these off and on over the years in size 4-8 for bass, sunfish, carp and trout in stiller waters but recently had my eyes opened to tying them in sizes 12-16 for trout in quick moving water. All the tips in this excellent video by Tightline Productions work but you’ll just need to downsize the ingredients. Tie a few up and see if they don’t do the trick either on a dead drift or with slow strips.

For size 12 and smaller Buggers, i recommend:

  • Tiemco 5262 hooks
  • Beads in 1/8 for size 12 and 7/64 for size 14, and 3/32 for size 16
  • Ultra Chenille
  • invest in a Whiting Bugger Pak, it has the smaller hackle and more than pays for itself

All these items can be purchased in the Austin area at either (ask for Greg) and or online (if you don’t have a local fly shop) at